Personal Log

That’s life

Welcome to this weeks instalment of my life.

The post about the wedding flowers is taking a bit longer to wright than I thought it would, so I’m afraid that you will have to wait a little bit longer for that one.

Nothing extra exiting has happened since I fell over on my way home from work.  On Friday I got my hair cut, it is now about shoulder length.  I have been given an extra shift at work and now work 25 hours a week instead of 20, 5 hours a day with a lay in on a Wednesday.  And last week I completed my first week with these hours, I already miss my Tuesdays off but it’s going ok.  And after living in this house for 3 years I have finally got a cleaning rota sorted out.

And so that is you all caught up and my promise to myself to write every week kept (at least for now).  Don’t worry, next time you hear from me it will be a lot more interesting.

Thank you for reading.  I hope things are good with you too x



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