Personal Log

Wednesday is a Win Day

Sorry, no flower post (I just need to sort the photos out).  So I thought I’d tell you about my day instead.

As you may remember Wednesdays are my day to have a lay in, always a good way to start the day.  I ordered my phone upgrade, the soft ware on my old phone was packing up, so I will soon be joining the world of iphone.

My walk into work this morning was amazing.  It was foggy and cold out but no rain, until I got under the trees.  They were so full of moister from the air it looked like they were making their own rain.  It was so amazing that I couldn’t help by smile all my way to work.

Work was nice and calm.  One of the patients noticed my nail polish and committed on how nice the colour is, I only painted them yesterday for the first time in nearly a year!  I got to leave work 20 mins early, and am still getting paid for a full shift.

My Fitbit hit 10,000 steps not long after I got in the door.  Dinner was ready and waiting for me.  Glen had bought me some tulips, my favourite flowers (he got them for 35p a bunch in M&S, another win I feel).  Glen is out at a pub quiz tonight so I am going to have a nice early night and fall asleep in the middle of the bed!

And with this post I have kept to posting once a week!

Thank you for reading.  I hope you had a Win Day too x


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