Personal Log · Stitch


Due to a new arrival the wedding make posts are going to take a little bit longer.

It was my Birthday on Thursday and Glen got me this little guy!

He’s called Stitch, after the Disney character who is also cute and fluffy.  He’s an Angora rabbit and is only 10 weeks old, he’s birthday is 15th of November (the same day Glen and I got the keys to our house).

Glen has been arranging this with our family and K since before Christmas!.  K has got 2 Angora rabbits, a boy and a girl and we have been talking about me having one of there babies.  So far they haven’t had any, the girl bunny is still a bit young, but her breeder friend had a litter and she picked me the cutest and friendliest of the lot.

Glens dad and his friend built the hutch and sneakily put it up on Wednesday while I was at work.

On Thursday I was due to meet K for lunch at Pizza Hut in town.  I went into town before hand to have a look around, I don’t get there very often, and while I was doing that K delivered Stitch and put all the stuff in there for him.  When I got to Pizza Hut I was also met by Glen, who I thought was suppose to be at work.  We have a lovely lunch after which Glen ‘went back to work’, K went home and I did one or two more things before going home myself.  When I got home I found Glen there waiting for me with a handful of carrots and took me to meet Stitch, well at the time he was nameless.

Along with getting Stitch K also got a bunny starter pack, from Glen.  In the pack was a bunny lead and harness, a good tool while he is getting to know us and I can take him for walks around the garden.  He is going to be spending time with me indoors so for his first proper tip inside we thought it would be a good idea to limit his exploring.

And that is it for today.  K is on her way over with her clippers to give this little guy his first shave, it needs to be done every 3 months for the health of the rabbit, and as payment she can keep the fur to spin into wool!

Thank you for reading.  I hope you are happy too x



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