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Wedding makes!

Hello lovely readers!  I do hope you are well today.

Todays post is about the flowers that K and I made for my wedding.  I have always likes the thought of wedding flowers that can be kept, when I saw people crocheting flowers on Pinterest I fell in love with the idea.  So colours picked and needle in hand I set to making my bouquet, 5 button holes for the men (two dads, one groom, one brother and one best man) and 6 corsages (two mums, two grandmothers, one sister and one maid of honour).

There are a lot of patterns for flowers out there.  To narrow my search down I went with roses and came across this lovely pattern

For the bouquet I made 8 large roses (using the pattern as read).  I am useless at sewing flowers together it turns out, I just couldn’t get the roll right.  So once they were made I sent them over to my maid of honour who stitched ALL to flowers together for me.  She also crated the body of the bouquet and put it all together for me.

For the button holes and corsages I used the same pattern but only started with a foundation chain I of 17 to make them smaller.  On all the roses I went round the edges with a lighter colour, I thought it would help given them an extra dimention and I think it worked.


I think this photo best shows off the flowers made for the big day, if you look closely you can just about see Ks corsage.

Sorry this has taken so long, I got myself in a bit of a tiz about getting the perfect photos.

Thank you for reading, I hope the wait didn’t build your expectations weren’t too high x


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