Personal Log


I don’t care what the weather is doing, I declare Spring to be here!!!  And I have taken some pictures from my garden and surrounding area to prove it.  I hope they make you feel renewed with Spring energy.



Life update

I am defiantly feeling the spring energy at the moment.


I am also still feeling the hives that randomly appeared back in September.  I got one hive in my lip that swelled so badly Glen and I went up to A+E just encase  I needed a steroid shot ASAP.  It looked like Botox gone very wrong, I will spare you the photos.  A+E declared me not dying and sent me home.  My doctor is a bit worried about what set it off and has referred me to an Allergy clinic to try and find out what has set this all off.  There is a possibility that it is my anti-depressants that have caused the upset, it is a possible side effect but the doctor is dubious as I have been on them for so long.  As a precaution he is going to start weaning me off of it next week.  I was due to come off of it this year anyway, to see how I cope without it and then try for children, but we were hoping to do that when Spring is very defiantly here and we can mental (ha ha) prepare ourselves for it.  I am in a good place at the moment but I am a little apprehensive about coming off of this medication.  28 days after I start reducing my doce I will be antidepressant free, it seems pretty quick and I am also worried about going through withdrawal, but all I can do is wait and see what happens.


Well I think that is it for this week.


Thank you for reading.  I hope you are feeling all the joys of spring x


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