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Hello luvy reader/s.

So far my mint cuttings experiment seems to be going ok, the chocolate mint has sprouted roots and the other cuttings are still looking healthy.


On a wonder through one of my local garden centres I stumbled across this.


I have seen cucamelons on places like Pintrest but this is the first time I have seen one in real life, so I just had to by it.  After a quick Google I have found out that the fruit it produces tastes like a limey cucumber, and it looks like a really dinky water melon (they are about the size of a grape).  This plant comes to us from Central America but is very easy to grow in this country although from what I’ve read they seem to be very easy to grow in the UK, you don’t even need to keep them in a greenhouse just a sunny spot.  And from what I gather they just grow like cucumbers do from there.  As you can see the seedling I got was £5, not that bad a price, but during my search into what a cucamelon is I have seen that the seeds are pretty easy to get hold of online from people like Suttons, so if you are interested in growing your own but can’t find anywhere to buy seedlings that may be a good route to try.  They will need to be in a propagator (or in a seed try covered with a plastic bag) to germinate and are sown April/May time, so if you do go down the seed route you won’t be able to do anything until next year.  I really enjoy growing things from seed (and then forcing friends and family to take the excess seedlings) so I may be trying that route myself next year.

On my travels around the garden centre I also came across this.


It is white tipped butterfly lavender!  I already had some of the usual butterfly lavender and I really like the way it looks (as well as smells) but I have never seen it with white tips to it, and it had been reduced so I couldn’t walk away.  It has seen better days, I’ve got a feeling that’s why it was reduced, but lavender is quite hardy so I am hoping with some TLC that it will be looking fabulous for next season.

~life update~

I am doing ok.  I have been off the antidepressants for a while now.  I have had some more pains since coming off of them but nothing that I can’t handle, or that painkillers can’t help with.  And I have had a few melt downs since but I think I am doing ok, I know I could be doing better (and there are some more things that I need to build back into my day to help me cope) but I also know that I could be doing a lot worse.  The last couple of weeks I have been feeling very tired, but so far today I’ve been pretty awake so hopefully that has come to an end.

Glen is looking for a new job.  He hasn’t been happy at his current work place for a while now and they have just been taken over by another company and things have just gotten worse. He had an interview today so fingers crossed.

Stitch is 7 months old tomorrow and that makes him 16 in rabbit years and he has become a horrible teenager.  When he was a baby he used to like sitting on my lap and let me brush him or cut his fur, and now I’m lucky if he will sit on my lap for longer than a minute.  He is also scent marking things (one of those things being me), ripping up the carpet (one thought is that he is collecting the fibres to give to me as a nest making gift), doing a weird stretch that shows of his winky (he has been doing this for a long time but lately he’s only been doing it when Glen isn’t home) and just generally miss behaving.  He is booked in to see the vet on 26 July for the snip, and I’m ashamed to say that I’m looking forward to it.  It will hopefully calm him down (and stop some of his advances on me!)


(He knew he was in trouble so he hid in here! There was some ash in there so it really didn’t help his case.)

I think that is all for this week.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you are enjoying the good weather x


2 thoughts on “More Garden Stuff

  1. Not sure where you live..but the lavender in the photo is a Spanish lavender (those with “rabbit ears” as blooms) and it does not tolerate a frost or a freeze…at least not here in the U.S. So, I would winter it indoors, out of reach of the rabbit!

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