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Fibro Club

Hello lovey readers.

One of my local doctors surgery has started running a monthly group for people with Fibrmyalgia.  The first one was 3 months ago and the turn out was much greater than expected and we spilled over into another room.  Last month I was unable to go but this month I was determined to go.

There was only 9 of us this time (including me).  Having a small group of people was nice though, it meant we could talk properly and get to know one another and how the illness is affecting everyone.

After nearly every one else had told the story of how they developed Fibro one of the ladies asked me what I thought set mine off.  All of there stories involved some very traumatic experiences, in comparison mine sounded a bit lame.  When I was 17 I got glandular fever, a very nasty virus that causes swollen glands, pain and exhaustion.  It wasn’t until I moved out that I really started to notice something was still wrong with me and I was eventually given the diagnosis of Fibro.  Every one there was older then me and were all like ‘so joining the real world set it off’.  Like I was some soft kid and had lived in a bubble of my parents making and that it popping made me ill.  Personally I think moving out made me realise how ill I was.  I have been struggling with fatigue and random pain for years before we moved but when I was at home I could just go home mum would make dinner and I could go to bed at 8 if I needed to and it didn’t matter if I called in sick and lost a day or mores pay because I wasn’t paying any bills.  I think the stress of moving and  having that parent bubble burst just made my already existing Fibro worse.  So after just a couple of meetings I have met some people that know what life is like to have fibro and gained some personal insight to what set of my fibro.  I’ve always known that as Fibro goes mine isn’t that bad.  I may only be able to work part time but I can work.  I may not be able to walk as far as I once could but I don’t have to use any walking aids.  I may be in more pain than before but my medication works.  I may be on daily medication now but I only have to take 2 tablets a day plus pain killers (one person at the group takes 25 a day and many others weren’t that far behind in numbers.  And another Fibro friend of mine is opiate resistant so opiate pain killers don’t have any affect on her (and these are the only kinds of pain killers that really work for Fibro pain)).  So as far as this illness goes I am very lucky.

Like I said so far the group is finding it’s feet and has just been casual talking but moving forward they are talking about getting some speakers in.  Next month they are planning on getting someone in to talk about any benefits they we may be entitled to and how to get them and the month after they are going to try and get someone into talk about medication.

Not much else has changed for Glen and I this week.

To finish here is a picture of stitch.  They hay you can see by his chin is actually hanging off of his chin, although it’s hard to tell it apart from all the other hay that he has spread all over the floor.  He’s such a messy eater.  I have seen him groom himself and hind hay in his fur and then he eats it, it’s like he’s treating his coat as a place to store food for later!



Thank you for reading.  I hope this pic makes you smile x


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