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Small moments of joy

Hello lovely reader!

I am a subscriber to the magazine ‘Psycolosies’ and one of the articuals in the lastest issue is about how enjoyment in life is made up of noticing the small plesures in life.  Big joys are nice but they don’t tend to happen every day, where as the small ones do all we have to do is keep an eye out for them.  I have also heard of simlar techneques used with gratitude, at the end of the day (no matter how bad) you are suppose to write down 3 things that you are greatful for.  Personally noicing things that bring me joy, as and when they happen, is working better for me.  I find this lifts a bad day as you are going through it, and when it comes to the end of the day all I want to do is go to sleep.

For example I have two moments that have bought me joy so far today.

1.  The staff toilet at work looks out over some trees, which is quite plesent in itself, and today while I was using the loo I saw a squiral running about in a tree.  I love seeing squirals, not sure why but I do.

2.  Putting a warm wheat bag on just the right spot.

3.  Seeing the tiny bubbles that shoot out when using the washing up liquid at work.

I think having small moments of joy and being aware of them at the time keeps in well with praticing Mindfulness.


Fibro update

Things have been going quite well with the Fibro, up until Friday that is.  Usually on a Friday after work I am very tired but this Friday I was feeling good, until I really wasn’t.  Sudanly it felt like my skin was vibrating and even the genalist touch was very painful.  So it was a fist full of pain killers and off to bed.  Luckly the pain lessened for the rest of the weekend but I spent mst of it asleep in bed.  It had taken so much out of me that I even had to call in sick on Monday morning and spent all of that sleep too!  It’s Tuesday today and I have made it into work.  I’m still feeling very off my game but not quite as tired and the pains (have come back) but they are a lot better than they were on Friday.  There have been a few coments of ‘you ok, you don’t seem youself’ and other people telling me to take it wasy and if I need tgo go then go, so I must look bad!

I started writing this at work, I was starting to flag a bit but was feeling ok.  Now that I’m home I’m feeling pretty tired.  So after I’ve posted this I am going to curl up with Stitch, who currently has the run of the front room, and watch a film.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you are doing ok or better x


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